– You can use hand reflexology yourself to alleviate the manifestations of headaches, congestion and sore shoulders. The reflexologists require you to apply more pressure than you would application on your paws because the thought stages in your hands are much deeper.

hand reflexology


Step 1: Sit in a comfy chair in a quiet area .

Step 2: Recruit a district of relaxation using a little bit of your favorite lubricant mitts. Petroleums and creams are commonly not being implemented in professional reflexology discussions, but will not hurt to use them in an informal discussion.
Step 3: Scratch the cream on your hands for several minutes until altogether absorbed. This will relax your hands and increase flexibility in preparation for applying reflexology. Be sure not to use a cream or oil greasy your hands are not slippery .

Step 4: Close your eyes and focus on any area of your body where you feel an awkward agony. Sometimes you only find as if some part of your body find misaligned .

Step 5: Consult a hand reflexology map to identify the points of reflection in your hands that correspond to the parts of your body you want to work. For pattern, if “youve had” agony in your left shoulder, you have to query the map and see that the points of reflection for your shoulder are located on the little finger of the left hand.
Pace 6: Firmly press the reflex spot. You can gradually increase the pressure to make sure you’re “activating” the reflex, but loose a bit if you feel some ache.
Step 7: Hold the pressure for 30 seconds and liberate.

Step 8: Wait a few seconds and reproduce. You can press either 30 seconds or you are able to press and exhaust the level of a pulsated for 30 seconds.
Step 9: Use your thumb to relate light influence technique influence if you are unpleasant. To do this, use a circular motion over the same stage of thoughtfulnes for about five seconds, then rotates in a circular in the opposite guidance for five seconds. Reproduced several times for all points of thoughtfulnes.

Step 10: Reflexology applies to all areas in both mitts, but give him more attention on problem areas.

Step 11: When you’ve finished your reflexology hearing sit quietly for at least 10 hours. If possible, lie down and rest well for half an hour.

Step 12: Drink several glasses of sea after applying reflexology. Water will help to drain the virus secreted from your organs and muscles during the session.



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