About Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test Do you wish to know which is the most accurate pregnancy Test? Read this article to find out more information about the most accurate and sensitive Test kit.

sayhealthy.net – Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test. Home pregnancy Test is one of the most common methods of detecting pregnancy at an early stage. These Tests are of great help to couples who are trying to conceive as they can at a very early stage.

Thus, you can start with prenatal care at the very beginning of your pregnancy, if the test comes out positive. If it doesn’t, resume your efforts or try a different fertility treatment.

There are innumerable brands of home pregnancy Test, all of which claim to be 99% accurate. However, an accuracy of a home pregnancy Test is a controversial topic as there are many factors involved in its accuracy.

Most Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test Before Missed Period

All the pregnancy Test available in the market have a similar mechanism. They the presence of a hormone named Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is secreted by the placenta after the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus. During the initial days of pregnancy, HCG are very low, about 5 mIU/ ml. Such low levels cannot be on any of the pregnancy Test kits that are currently available. These kits can pick up HCG levels that are above 25 mIU/ml. However, for the HCG that level, you may have to wait until a week after your missed period.

Thus, if you are interested in before you miss your period, none of the tests available can be of any help to you. In that case, you will have to rely on a blood Test, which is the earliest pregnancy Test. It can be performed either at your doctor’s office or a laboratory.

Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test

Most Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test Over the Counter

Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test available over the counter is capable of producing 90 to 99% accurate one week after your missed period. As the time, the accuracy of these kits improves significantly. This is because the hormone HCG goes on doubling every 2 days initial days of your pregnancy. Hence, if you do a pregnancy test at a very early stage, it is likely to come negative. In that case, you should the test in a few days, so that the HCG levels rise sufficiently enough to be with the test kit. Also, make it a point to perform the test with the first-morning urine, since it is highly concentrated and has a maximum level of HCG. Besides, it is also very important to follow the instructions mentioned on the package to the word. Most Tests has an indicator for an invalid Test if you happen to mess up with the instructions.

Out of the many brands of home pregnancy Test such as First Response, ClearBlue Easy, Answer, HCG, Baby check, Surecheck, Predictor, Accuclear, Persona, Oval etc. First Response Early Result is the best pregnancy Test as it produces the most accurate. This fact was established by a research conducted by the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. First Response Early Result from an accuracy of 95% after two days of missed period. ClearBlue Easy next with an accuracy of about 80%. The other Test could prove accurate pregnancy Test in 16% of the cases tested. However, if you wait until a week after your missed period, the brand of the test kit wouldn’t matter much, as you would anyway get an accurate result.

Now that you know about the most accurate pregnancy Test, choosing the right one shouldn’t be a problem. However, make sure you follow everything on the package in order to avoid due to results.

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