On Thursday, May 23 rd, 2013, California secreted its expected proportions for the brand-new regime led Health Insurance Exchange (” Covered California “) and described the rates as if they were lower than current intention proportions.” These proportions are well below the worst-case gloom-and-doom scenarios we have heard ,” said Peter Lee, executive director of the California exchange. Then surely, the republican left instantly inaugurated iterating statements in direct contrast with Mr. Lee’s statement( s ).” But the data that Lee secreted tells another story: Obamacare, in fact, will increase individual-market premiums in California by as much as 146 percent” by Avik Roy, benefactor Forbes.com. So in researching further, you found beings publishing information to the web that either one slope was right or the other side was wrong based on whatever slope of the political spectrum they reside in. This disorder led me to research this on my own to try and get to the actual situation that Californians will be facing with the brand-new Health Insurance Exchange.

The Fact Checking

After looking into the rates for a 25 time age-old healthy , non-smoking male for an individual plan, it does appear that for someone looking to purchase coverage on the new Exchange plans will truly growth between 73% and 123% depending on your site etc. Now as part of the Obamacare law, beings under 30 can buy disastrous program coverage( A streamlined program that in theory should be cheaper than regular projects because it simply does not envelop all the same thoughts as a regular health plan ), so even these plans are testifying an increase in price over current paces for someone in this age group.

So based on checking out the data which these articles are based on, the info graphic provided at Forbes.com, where a 25 time age-old male in California, does in fact look to be accurate and will be paying up to 123% more for the same coverage.

Looking at the 40 year old scenario, this also seems to hold true in the example on Forbes.com as well. Since Obamacare does not allow for anyone over 30 to purchase catastrophic plans, the choices are even more limited for anyone in that group, and they appear to be also facing significant increases in price.

Since these facts seem to be holding genuine, let’s look into how the information put under by California was potentially off. The main difference seems to be that the price comparison yielded was not a genuine strategy type comparison. From the press release to be established by Covered California,” The paces submitted to Covered California for the 2014 individual marketplace straddled from two percent above to 29 percent below the 2013 average payment for small-time bos designs in California’s most populous regions .”. This statement seems to imply that the comparison utilized was actually 2 different types of health insurance designs( Individual and Small group/ bos ). Now these 2 different types of plans commonly have very different pricing because of the design of the plans, where small-time radical/ employer is designed to cover more than 1 person/ family and as such “theres” claims and coverage circumstances across the entire group of people( employees) built into that pricing and individual/ clas contrives are exclusively designed to cover a single person or clas where claims and coverage are based on merely that single person/ clas. So not sure why California decided to compare the rates of non-similar plans for this press release, but these types of plans have always been different and even under Obamacare they will remain different( Insurers have to apply separately for each of these schedule kinds for favor ). So expending the facts of the case that the plans are inherently differences between designing etc, it seems to me that this comparison make use of California is incorrect.

Other Important Items

One additional thing to understand about the new Obamacare based plans is that these plans must consider everyone including those with pre-existing conditions, and while this is a good thing to provide coverage for individuals with known illnesses, there also must be an increase in premium since there will be more claims made when including people who are already sick. This is why the individual mandate portion of the Obamacare law is so important, insurance is a risk management business, so you need healthy people to pay into the plan who have minimal claims to offset the claims of those who are sick. This concept is similar to Social Security where young people pay into the system even though they are not drawing anything out until retirement. So while the concept of Obamacare seems to make sense on the surface by offering plans to all, it seems to me that the mathematics of the insurance business makes it nearly impossible to offer plans that are lower priced than what is currently available in the market today. Now there are Obamacare pundits that say the MLR Cap, increased competition and standardized plans will help drive plan prices down, the simple fact is that the costs of covering everyone without the ability to charge different amounts, will force the prices up since the costs of the claims are unknown.

Also, given the aids that will be made available to Americans through Obamacare, the price increases will be less of an impact to individuals who qualify for those aids. These aids, while well intentioned, seem to leave a large breach nonetheless for those working the individuals who do not prepare and will have to pay the higher payments for health coverage.

Where Does That Leave You ?

Given the situation are described, it appears that while Obamacare will be delivered coverage for everyone, it will almost certainly cost more for the that coverage for those not eligible for benefits gives based simply on the maths of insurance and the increase in the costs of extending everyone. This may end up has become a fatal flaw in the Obamacare law because it appears that the middle class will have to absorb is not simply the additional cost of higher premiums, but they will likewise face potential charge increases to pay for the gives that are allocated to allow lower income beings to afford the insurance.

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