– Burns in a household accident could occur because of scalded, hot oil, steam LPG, electric shock, burning with fire, and so on.

When talking about the burns, then it relates to our skin. Our skin is broadly divided into three layers:

1. A layer of the Epidermis.
2. A layer of the Dermis.
3. A layer of the Hypodermic.

These layers will later determine the severity of burns.

How did first-handling when exposed burns?

Layer of Epidermis

Symptoms: The affected skin redness, no blisters, and no exposed skin tissue.

First aid:

Flush the affected area with running water burns approximately 10 minutes.
Compress with cold water (not ice water).
Having reduced pain, apply a special ointment burns.

Dermis layer  (layers are exposed to the dermis)

Signs: There blistering but no exposed skin.

First aid:

Flush with water as the measures taken “mild degree burns”.
Remember, do not puncture blisters!
Cover the wound with a cloth lint or – if any – sterile gauze.
Bring to a doctor.

Layer hypodermic (an open wound)

Sometimes injuries occur to muscle tissue and bone.
Usually, burns suffered heavy fire caused by exposure.
Relief: Do not be left unharmed, immediately brought to the hospital!
Similarly, concise writing about the handling of burns suffered in the home. May be useful.



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