– Soy milk is one of and dairy alternatives. In its general, soy milk contains a number of that are particularly important to men’s health. Its isoflavones, protein, vitamins and minerals and the minimal amount of saturated may soy milk and some of the leading health conditions for men. Despite these benefits, soy is one of the allergens. As long as you are not allergic to soy, as little as 1 of soy milk per is a great way to gain some of its health benefits.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is one of the leading for men. recommends that you a diet in saturated and sodium and in lean protein cardiovascular. A 1-cup of soy milk contains 3.6 grams of, 6.3 grams of protein, 104 calories and 0.5 gram of saturated. In addition to being in calories and total and in protein, soy milk’s unsaturated-to-saturated promotes Healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. Although soy milk also contains 0.5 gram of heart-healthy fiber, a 1 a relatively high 7.6 of your daily of sodium.

Cancer Prevention

soy’s isoflavone content it the single best dietary the prevention of prostate cancer. A 1-cup of soy milk contains 30 of your daily calcium. As calcium helps to prevent colorectal and intestinal cancers, this adds to soy’s cancer-prevention. Additional arise from soy milk’s antioxidants, which help to eliminate cancer-causing free radicals from yours. These include riboflavin and zinc, with 34.4 and 5.7 of your daily intake in a 1-cup, respectively.

Type 2 Diabetes

Another major health issue for the human is Type 2 diabetes. Soy milk contains two micronutrients that may subscribe to the Type 2 diabetes: magnesium and vitamin D. Although they are not treatments, with these nutrients are at of developing Type 2 diabetes. A 1-cup of soy milk thus may help to prevent this by providing 8.6 of your magnesium and 18 of your vitamin D. In, soy milk is a safe for with Type 2 diabetes,

Mental Health

Soy milk may help to reduce, as it contains a number of micronutrients with mental health benefits. For, a 1-cup contains 5.8 of your vitamin B-6, which helps yours to the mood-enhancing neurochemical serotonin. Its magnesium helps to raise serotonin and may be as effective as some antidepressant among with both and diabetes. The vitamin D in soy milk help to prevent and treat seasonal affective disorder, a depressive condition that affects people living at during the winter months.


Taste of Home’s dietician, Peggy Woodward, suggests that using the same of soy milk as dairy milk impact on the and of a. , following this 1-to-1 for in which milk is the main ingredient may result in a finished product with a thin, small amounts of flour or corn starch in your soy milk-based recipe remedy this, thickness to dishes such as curries and puddings.



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