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Compare the top health insurance companies to discover the most diverse individual medical insurance plan options and competitive premium rates.

Health insurance is now available to more Americans than ever before. Subsidized are easily available to low-income individuals and families. In the past, the of not being insured, but with the Affordable Care Act( ACA) you can be fined if you don’t have health care insurance. Instead of a fine, people who have not been able to insurance before are looking for affordable medical insurance options.

While some may be asking themselves if it would it be cheaper to pay the fine, statistics show that more Americans have health insurance now than before the ACA was. more have insurance now, but one is certainly the increase in health plan options, including subsidized, or, health insurance through one exchanges. insurance be purchased privately. The options available to you depend primarily on your income level.

Blue Cross Blue Shield( BCBS)

who has the best health insurance

is a nationwide provider of health insurance. It’s made up of 37 local and, of more individualized, but it also the. Nonetheless, it’s good, the wide range of options and on other and wellness products and services make it the health insurance our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Selection of Plans

The BCBS network is expansive, and as a result, it offered the variety of plans insurance providers we reviewed. In some, we were given an of 20 different. It both subsidy-eligible and standard ones. You can sort through by several factors and up to three at a time to side by side. The generator, deductible, coinsurance other factors to your search.

The side-by-side found on other health insurance. It shows the specifics of each and the costs or. The are clearly, and there are pop-ups and for more information, if you aren’t. You the plan.

This service also has international coverage in case traveling abroad. In, it has specific for business travelers or planning to spend up to 180 abroad. The international insurance in case you need to be brought to the U.S. for specialized care.

Sample Premium Rates

We the to be within the average for the providers we evaluated. For our, we looked at a for a single non-smoker of ages 35, 45 and 55. We priced each of these cases across five zip codes and then averaged highest- and lowest-priced. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s were above for the 45- and 55 -year-old, but not significantly so.

Of course, how much your depends on more than our case study. , we three or more insurance yourself. With all of the providers on our, we were able to secure in a matter of, so the, and it’s worth the money it could save you.


This insurance agency and wellness programs through Blue3 65. This includes enrollments in health clubs, fitness, diet other products, and services. Over 20 of the BCBS this member benefit.

On the website, you can get information about, find, access the Blue3 65 and peruse the blog and media resources to get general information about BCBS and health. You can also find links to the individual company websites on the BCBS page.

As with the health insurance companies we reviewed, you have access to a and can reorder online or via mail order. You can contact for medical that may not to the doctor. some of these services may depend on the Blue Cross Blue Shield company in yours. The features offered may vary by individual company as well.

BCBS is an association of local companies. Thus, you contact them, but in general, you can find online across the board. You can speak to a BCBS representative in several languages, and there is accessibility for the hearing impaired.

You can find in-network across the globe online or the mobile app. The app your and medical information. The latter when traveling. Some BCBS other apps and wellness.


who has the best health insurance

Humana our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for health insurance because of it a large variety of health insurance at some of the lowest of those we evaluated. If you live in one of the 22 states in which Humana, it should be on your plans to look at when doing your own pricing and comparisons.

Selection of Plans

One drawback of Humana 22 of the 50, the lower half of the U.S. and up through the Midwest. , if you have a PPO plan, find a provider. This is important to know if you who move out of state. This is not the case for HMO, although if you have an emergency, your may be covered.

You can find a good variety of plans. In our testing, we to be consistently above in the number of options it gave us for our – around a dozen. The may include dental, according to the requirements of the state or your. Humana can also add on vision plans.

Humana also includes health care in many of. This is an important consideration for people who are older or who have chronic illnesses that might affect their ability to manage care on their own. Home health includes ongoing care for the homebound, care for those from a stay and SeniorBridge, which is especially for the elderly homebound.

Humana does not short-term. Thus, it’s not a good health insurance provider to consider if you only need to cover a temporary between insurance, such as between changing or waiting for your job’s insurance. It does not generally provide international coverage, so you may want to consider a different company or an upgrade if you plan to travel abroad. If you purchase the Humana Medicare Advantage plan, you get international coverage.

Sample Premium Rates

For our, we examined policy options for single non-smokers 35, 45 and 55. We priced each of these cases across five zip codes and then averaged highest- and lowest-priced. The were, across the board, less expensive, by about $100 to $300. Although not the cheapest of the health insurance providers we, it is among the best three for the price.

Because you’re depending on multiple factors, our benchmark. We to select three or more insurance you to find the policies that best meet your individual. With all of the providers on our, we were able to secure in a matter of, could save you hundreds of dollars a year.


In addition to better-than-average, Humana offers wellness. health insurance companies have started providing information and online to help their clients off, but Humana has this a. First, it offers HumanaVitality, an online healthy. You can use the points for discounts on healthy, plus products and services from movie tickets to equipment.

Second, it has Humana Guidance in its. These are physical where people can cooking and, social. You don’t have to be a Humana policy owner to attend a, but there are agents at each to answer questions about this health insurance provider and the policies.

Humana has 24 -hour phone service for medical; it also has information online, including that explain their policies. If hearing, you can find a TTY extension to communicate via phone.

It has 200 200; they have with medical information, so they can provide accurately. You can also click an option to the website in Spanish.

The app you access your, your coverage, find or pharmacy, yourself or text, and access the Humana Vitality dashboard. You can also get a separate app for the HumanaVitality program to record and points.

You can also order online the Humana RightSource program. You can get a three-month of so you only need to renew four times a year or if your changes.

Kaiser Permanente

who has the best health insurance

is a healthcare system in eight states and Washington, DC. It’s health insurance. It has some of the lowest and an of compared to all the health insurance companies we, which our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. , this insurance provider you to the Kaiser Permanente system, so while it’s definitely worth examining the plans, you should also check out the of Kaiser Permanente in your. This is particularly important if you have special health care needs.

Selection of Plans

Because Kaiser Permanente has its own medical of, and, you are limited to. It does not cover outside, nor will Kaiser refer you outside the network. Thus, it’s important to examine the quality of care in your Kaiser network, if medical the care of . Nonetheless, we the of plan options to be about of the health insurance companies we and above for our hypothetical 35 -year-old we used as our test case.

This health insurance eight: California, Colorado, Virginia, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Georgia, and Hawaii, plus the District of Columbia. This lack of coverage is a drawback if who or college out of state but are still under yours. If they are living outside the Kaiser Permanente their unless they return to the in which they were insured.

Nonetheless, if you or anyone on your abroad and has a medical, you may be able to have it Kaiser Permanente even if you are not near a designated or medical. You would contact services to find and make arrangements. Not all medical insurance companies coverage outside the U.S ., making this a good if you travel outside the country regularly.

Sample Premium Rates

The for Kaiser Permanente were some of the least expensive as our testing. For our, we examined policy options for single non-smokers 35, 45 and 55. We priced each of these cases across five zip codes and then averaged highest- and lowest-priced. The were less expensive across the board, but even more so for the 55 -and-older. Thus, this is a good if you are older.

Naturally, how much your depends on multiple factors not examined in our case study. , we three or more insurance yourself. With all of the providers on our, we were able to secure in a matter of, so the is not difficult and worth the money it could save you. Be sure to check for in coverage, such as that you know you need that may not be covered by Kaiser’s medical system. You will pay out-of-pocket for these services.


This health insurance company also offers some benefits too, such as and live at its. It’s an advantage for those who are interested in of their own health.

Within the eight plus DC, Kaiser Permanente has 38, 618 medical and outpatient, and 17,425. You can find the or through the website. If you need translation assistance- because you are abroad, do not speak English or are deaf- this health insurance provider has trained interpreters who can help medical information into Spanish, Chinese or American Sign Language.

The website has FAQs and Kaiser, and it to Spanish. The toll-free and live for. A general email contact was not as easy on the website, although you may be able to find it through your membership. If you need TTY for impaired, you can get that service.


Kaiser Permanente has a large system of medical, but it is limited to eight states and the District of Columbia. Further, it does not outside the Kaiser Permanente system. As with all health insurance, and benefits vary by the individual, and, it’s important to check the availability and quality of care of Kaiser doctors and in your. It is nonetheless one of the health overall, because within the system, the choice of health insurance is good, and the prices are well below average, according to. Overall, it is definitely worth putting on your of healthcare providers to explore.


who has the best health insurance

Cigna health insurance company major medical care in accordance with the Affordable Care Act, plus dental insurance and. While it can be used the United States, the plans themselves are available only in 12, and you cannot get short-term that handle in your coverage.
The website has. Like most health insurance company, you can find in your the network. Cigna also has a for specific. This allows you to see if you are covered by your as well as in what forms and. This tool can help you work with your doctor to find a that works for you and your budget.

Getting a quote online your zip code and some basic. This health insurance company has medical Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina. You can find dental other states.

The site presents you with both dental and health plans. You can select, and it shows them to you side-by-side the decision. You can also download the specifics in a PDF to them at your or with your or partner.

This health insurance company also has health insurance policies and dental, you cannot get short-term from this health insurance company. Short-term for temporary in coverage that might arise from a change in employment or another life event.

Aside from the short-term coverage, Cigna amenities common among most health insurance: It has a large of, high-deductible, and a portal where you can manage you are or check on. It home-care services, wellness programs and mail-order pharmacies. These most companies.


Cigna is a reputable health insurance company that provides policies for 12 states. It is easy to obtain a quote online, and the website recommends information on finding a doctor and what drugs it covers. It lacks short-term coverage plans, but otherwise is a service worth looking into.


who has the best health insurance

UnitedHealthcare offers health insurance to meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines and protect your family. Our verify showed its plan prices to be higher than at the very of the another health insurance companies we reviewed. United Healthcare’s plan choices run about average by comparison.

UnitedHealthcare has a strong online presence, including an online account manager that tracks all aspects of your plan’s status, including the ability to order prescriptions, access to wellness programs and a nurse hotline. As such, this health insurance provider is a good choice for those who prefer to handle their financial and wellness issues electronically.

We looked at plans for three age groups at five zip codes across the United States in order to get an average of plan choices and pricings. Overall, UnitedHealthcare’s premiums were higher than those of nearly all the health insurance providers we tested, up to $600 a year more in some cases. This is, of course, an average based on highest and lowest cost plans for a specific customer profile.

Your personal results may vary, and we suggest selecting at least three companies and pricing out the plans for yourself. As with all the health insurance providers we reviewed, you can do this online in just a few minutes with a minimal amount of personal information.

We found UnitedHealthcare’s website to be extensive and user-friendly. When looking at plans, you can sort or filter them and select some to compare directly. All of the plan information is easy to understand, especially since there are pop-up windows to define any terms you might not know if you are new to insurance shopping.

There are many online tools to help you to manage your accounts, get refills of prescriptions, track deductibles and expenses and find doctors in your area. The nurse hotline, which all the health insurance companies we reviewed the offer, is useful if you have a question that does not require a doctor’s appointment. The Health4Me smartphone app allows you to access all this from your smartphone or tablet. UnitedHealthcare also has wellness programs and information on its website.


UnitedHealthcare is a large nationwide health insurance provider with plans to cover your major medical insurance needs and assist you in maintaining overall wellness. While its plans are in general more expensive than those of other health insurance providers we reviewed, it offers strong online tools to help you manage your account and other aspects of your health care.

We surveyed prices based on three client profiles across five zip codes in the United States. We found Aetna’s plans to be average in selection, except in the case of 55-year-olds, which didn’t have as many offerings. The prices were overall cheaper – $600/year cheaper for each case study, averaged across the zip codes. Your results may vary, of course, based on your individual needs, but Aetna is certainly worth considering for this reason alone.


who has the best health insurance

Aetna is a longstanding health insurance company that provides a multitude of different insurance plans, including health insurance available privately and through the health exchange, dental and vision plans, student insurance and international insurance. It can also provide supplemental insurances to augment your current plans, such as the hospital or critical care plans. It lacks short-term policies to cover gaps in insurance but does have some of the cheapest rates

With Aetna, you do not get the option of short-term plans. This is a drawback if you are between jobs, a recent college graduate or waiting to be enrolled in your company’s insurance. Aetna makes it easy to add dental and vision coverage to your health insurance. You can also add life insurance through Aetna.

It takes several clicks to find contact information on the website; the contact page pushes you to use the FAQs first. However, you can tweet Aetna for assistance. The live chat is a nice feature not found on many health insurance provider websites, but it’s only available when looking at quotes.

We didn’t find the quote feature quite as smooth as those of other health insurance companies we tested. Aetna had a series of sliding windows that asked questions, and in some cases, directed us to a different website where we had to input information a second time. A few times the comparison tool failed, so we could not look at two plans side by side. These are minor annoyances, however.


Aetna has been in the insurance trade since the 1890s and continues to provide quality programs today. In addition to Affordable Care Act approved plans, it offers supplemental insurance for specific cases, from vision to critical care, although it lacks short-term plans for coverage gaps. While the quote feature had some problems that made it more difficult than the others we tested, it still isn’t difficult to get a quote, and the lower average premiums make it worth checking out.



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