Sayhealthy.netWhen should I be worried about a headache, and when is it OK to wait? A very important skill a doctor must dominate is the ability to read psyches. We have to figure out what beings are responding when they aren’t saying it. For example, when a person comes to the agency responding,” I’m having chest pain,” they usually are really asking,” am I having a heart attack ?”

When Should I Be Worried About A Headache?

Today’s article will treat another example of this: headaches. When someone comes to the bureau with a headache, they are often worried about something more serious: brain tumors, aneurisms, or other spooky happenings. It’s my job to not simply figure out what’s causing the headache, but to reassure beings that they are not about to die from something terrible. This is another installment of my” when to perturb” series giving you advice as to when it’s OK to stay home, and when you should run to the doctor.

As I said last week in my” whodunit diagnosis” clause, the first step in figuring out what’s going on is the story of the symptom:

  • How bad is a headache?
  • When did it start?
  • Does it come and go or is it constant?
  • When does it happen?
  • Are there any other significant symptoms happening along with a headache?

The answers to these questions are the most important thing in determining when should I be worried about a headache.

when should i be worried about a headache

The Headaches You Don’t Need to Worry About

Of the less serious headaches, there are three categories that I understand the most:

  • migraine
  • sinus
  • tension

I’ll cover each of them in more detail in future clauses, but to understand when to worry about headaches, you first need to know the evidence of the most common less-serious headaches.

What Are the Symptoms of Migraines?

The main feature that distinguishes a migraine headache is that it is episodic. Migraines come and go. When you have one, the pain builds you miserable, but between headaches, you feel completely normal. These chapters last anywhere from an hour to two days, and have some extremely distinctive features:

  • They often happen on one side of the head (but not always)
  • They are frequently described as being “throbbing”
  • They make a person sensitive to light and sound–you just want to lie in a dark, quiet room.
  • There is pain with movement
  • The pain is sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Sometimes migraines are preceded by an “aura,” which is a visual symptom where the person or persons appreciate flashing lightings, squiggly paths, or other visual commotions. Auras usually last-place between 10 and 30 minutes. I can personally vouch for how miserable migraines are.

What Are the Symptoms of a Sinus Headache?

Sinus headaches are sometimes obvious, with the nasal bottleneck and persuade and pain on the front of the front or the forehead. With these manifestations, there isn’t much disbelieve. But there are times when the nasal symptoms are not present. The clues to me that a person has sinus headaches shall read as follows:

  • Symptoms last for daylights, weeks, and even months
  • A headache is usually less painful than other headaches
  • Pain is located on the forehead, under the eyes, or behind the eyes
  • Headache pain exists regularly in the fail and outpouring
  • Pain is accompanied by a sore throat or coughing, especially in the morning.

What Are Symptoms of a Tension Headache?

[AdMiddle] Muscle tension headaches generally start at the base of the neck and spread to the rest of the Head. I find that the majority of the persons with tension headaches are not getting a good night’s sleep. That absence of sleep means their body never has a chance to relax, and so they wake up with tight muscles which get worse during the course of the day. A person with a tension headache may also have soreness of the jaw from clenching their teeth.

What Serious Medical Conditions Cause Headaches?

So what are the possible bad things who are able to effect headaches and when should be used annoy?

Brain tumors: Though brain tumors can cause a headache, they often do not.

Aneurisms: Aneurisms, which are areas of blood vessels that blow up like a bag, can disclose and effect an abrupt severe headache. A ruptured aneurism compels profound weakness to parts of their own bodies, and so headaches are rarely the primary concern.

Infections: Certain illness, such as influenza, meningitis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever can also induce bad headaches( together with other manifestations ).

when should i be worried about a headache

When Should I Be Worried About A Headache, then When to Worry About Headaches

What are the symptoms that should make you worry?

  • Sudden onset of a severe headache, especially one that awakens you from sleep
  • Onset of regular headaches starting after age 50
  • A severe headache in the morning that is accompanied by vomiting
  • Any significant change to a person’s normal pattern of a headache
  • Pain you’d call a severe headache or “the worst headache ever”
  • A headache accompanied by confusion or other changes in mental status
  • A headache associated with red eyes
  • A headache following a head injury–especially if a headache gets worse over time

When should I be worried about a headache, all of these are signs to get your headache checked promptly.

As I have said in the past, if you have any related, talk to your doctor. It is your doctor’s enterprise to reassure you of the less-serious problems and perhaps find solutions. There are good cares for migraines, sinus, and tension headaches. There is no need to suffer.

When should I be worried about a headache? Let me once again remind you that this podcast is for informational intents only. My point is to add to your medical learning and carry some of the curious medical nonsense you listen, so “when you’re doing” go to your doctor, your visits will be more worthwhile. I don’t intend to change your doctor; he or she is the one you should ever consult about your own medical condition.

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