– Health Choice Insurance Co. is an of managed care health plans that will provide health benefits to individuals and families  Health Choice Insurance Co. health plans will be available to people living in Arizona who may buy health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Health Choice

Our managed care was launched in 1990 when our co a Medicaid health plan in Arizona. Since Health Choice, we have consistently our core Medicaid plan membership while building a statewide provider. Today, our diverse and Health Choice is comprised of health plans, management services ( Managed ) that are enabled by our provider and patient-centric and integrated model.

We Health Choice is well-positioned to respond to the healthcare industry’s migration to cost efficiency and value-based due to Health Choice’s, its ability to manage third-party, risk-based co, its ability to deliver integrated care with owned and aligned and ambulatory, and its ability to facilitate value-based physician alignment.

Health Choice Preferred

Health Choice has a 25 -year of co capitated covered lives, including a large cohort of Medicaid lives. We have in containing medical co, including the use of systems and processes intended to enable healthcare providers to improve efficiency and lower costs while increasing quality of care.

In recent years, we have applied to, including attributed Medicare, Exchange, and co health plans, through our Health Choice Preferred accountable.

Health Choice has led our Health Choice Preferred provider networks in Arizona and Utah, which enhance our ‘ and participating ‘ care and enter into value-based co-payers that effective. These and the related Health Choice Preferred physician associations include over 1000 represent part of our overall physician, which we through direct, professional services arrangements and other.

By the full of our integrated healthcare services, we seek to create a collaborative, co-delivery model between our healthcare, aligned Health Choice managed care risk platform to us incremental for both our providers and the payers who contract with them.

Compassionate Member Service

Customer service is the fabric our. Our internal infrastructure your patients with representatives.

Quality Provider Service

To our with the same our members, our Network internal service standards to ensure you receive regular, dedicated that are focused on how we can better serve you and your patients. Our Delivery System Management Team( DSM Team) provides you with a dedicated of professionals to assist you with issues, reports, contracting or any other. DSM Teams are empowered to pursue, and as appropriate on behalf of providers.

Additionally, we a dedicated Care Navigator to each and to providers participating in the Health Choice Medical Health Home program. Care share data, co follow-up appointments with members and streamline internal, such as or medical equipment.

Continuous Quality Improvement

By implementing quality standards, on, Health Choice will continually improve the quality it’s of health care offered to members.

For member

Health Choice Insurance Co. will not be offering health plans for 2017
Health Choice Insurance Co. will not plan for 2017 coverage. But you may still have to get co the Health Insurance Marketplace if you have life changes( like getting married, having a, losing other coverage, or moving ). Or you may qualify for Medicaid or CHIP.



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