Yoga can provide many benefits for the health of body and mind, strengthen the body, muscles, and improve strength and flexibility. – In addition, yoga is also proven effective in helping you to lose weight. Follow these steps for making your yoga to lose weight.  These few yoga positions to help you lose weight and body shape more beautiful.

Bow Pose

yoga to lose weight

Lie down on the mat, then raise your hand back and hold your toes. Lift the chest, but try thigh remained stuck in the mat. Inhale deeply and try to make your body more relaxed in this position.

This yoga positions will help you eliminate fat and folds in the hardest part of your body. This exercise should be an exciting part belly, chest, waist, and thighs.


yoga to lose weight

This movement is similar to the movement of the knee kiss. Only in this movement, you use a tool. You can use a flat wooden beam to support the foot.

Take the position of the knees kissing. Then put this tool at the end of your legs to keep them straight. Then try to hold these tools. Try to keep your legs straight.

This position is an effective yoga exercise to burn fat in the abdomen and also cope with back pain. Until here, the article about the yoga to lose weight makes you pretty tired huh?

Tree Pose

yoga to lose weight

Take a standing position stable. Then lift one leg up and bend the soles of the feet have to stick to the other leg. Then raise your arms above your head.

It is one of the movement is most easily done to reduce weight and calm the mind. Instead, make this movement when your stomach is empty for maximum results.

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yoga to lose weight

Yoga is also known as cobra style. Lie on your stomach on the mat, then lift the waist up to the top of the head while lying on both hands.

Yoga position is not only useful for reducing fat deposits in the abdomen but also treat back pain. On this step, yoga to lose weight makes you more tired huh? As a beginner yes, me too.


yoga to lose weight

Yoga position is also considered the easiest to do because you just have to sit cross-legged. However, a meeting with your feet and grasp it with both hands. Sit with an upright body position.

Although only looks like people are sitting, but yoga position is effective to reduce body weight. This position works effectively to the abdomen and thigh. If you want to have more slender legs, you can try this position. On this step, yoga to lose weight makes you more and more tired huh? As a beginner yes, me too.

Camel pose

yoga to lose weight

Take a kneeling position, then bend the body backward while resting with one hand stuck in the foot.

This position is suitable if you want to reduce fat in the abdomen. This exercise can also help reduce other parts such as the abdomen, waist, chest, and arms.


yoga to lose weight

This pose is actually posed that rely on balance. Take a sitting position, then slowly lift the leg up and back to the body. Focus on the buttocks and extend a hand to balance the body.

This position will help burn fat in the abdomen and thigh. Through this exercise, you can also get lean legs.

Finally, if you follow these steps at least 3-5 times a week, yoga to lose weight give you the result. Am I right?



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